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The Happening

Three Star (Rated by 0 visitors)
Genre : Drama | Mystery | Sci-Fi | Thriller
language : English Movie English
Printed Format : Colour
Release Year : 2008
Release Info : 13 June 2008
Aspect Ratios : 1.85:1
Your True Love Horoscope Forecast for today

Five Stars
Julia Yorks
Julia Yorks
Young Woman Voice on Phone (voice)

Three Stars
Jordan Romero
Jordan Romero
Train Passenger (uncredited)

Three Stars
Eugene Smith
Eugene Smith
Business Man (uncredited)

Three Stars
Chuck Schanamann
Chuck Schanamann
Businessman (uncredited)

Three Stars
Joseph Tornatore
Joseph Tornatore
Train Conductor #3 (uncredited)

Three Stars
Christina Sampson
Christina Sampson
Train Passenger (uncredited)

Three Stars
Art Lyle
Art Lyle
Businessman (uncredited)

Three Stars
Catrina Villani
Catrina Villani
Student (uncredited)

Three Stars
Nikki Prantil
Nikki Prantil
Last Child to Die (uncredited)

Three Stars
Wes Heywood
Wes Heywood
Radio Voice (voice)

Three Stars
Carmen Bitonti
Carmen Bitonti
Mangled Construction Worker

Three Stars
Mark Wahlberg
Mark Wahlberg
Elliot Moore


Other Artists

  Ben Samuels as   Train Passenger (uncredited)
  Whitney Sugarman as   Passenger
  Leilani Goode as   Train Station Patron (uncredited)
  Farris Ellington as   Girl in Rural Group 2 (uncredited)
  Victoria Clark as   Nursery Owner's Wife
  Don Castro as   Philadelphia Police Officer
  Zooey Deschanel as   Alma Moore
  Robert Lenzi as   Jake
  Edward James Hyland as   Prof. Kendall Wallace
  Charlie Saxton as   Student Named Dylan
  Traci Law as   Train Passenger #3 (uncredited)
  Chris McMullin as   School Maintainance Man (uncredited)
  Derege Harding as   Train Conductor
  John Wooten as   Train Passenger (uncredited)
  Keith Bullard as   Man in Crowd at Crossroads (as Keith E. Bullard)
  James Breen as   Farmhouse Voice (voice) (as James 'Jimbo' Breen)
  Ukee Washington as   Local News Anchor
  Babita Hariani as   Medical Correspondent
  Betty Buckley as   Mrs. Jones
  Frank Collison as   Nursery Owner
  Greg Smith as   Zoo Employee (as Greg Smith Aldridge)
  Nicole Lee as   Tourist (uncredited)
  Lisa Furst as   Teacher in Auditorium (as Lisa Gunn)
  Nancy Sokerka as   Radio Caller Fay
  Roberto Lombardi as   Father in Elliot's Group (uncredited)
  Mike Wilson as   Business Traveler (uncredited)
  Frank Aptacy as   Dog Walker (uncredited)
  Ashlyn Sanchez as   Jess
  John Ottavino as   Network News Anchor
  Jared Uhrich as   Jogger in the Park (uncredited)
  Joel de la Fuente as   Realtor
  Alex Craft as   Truck Passenger Boy
  Scott Troost as   Young Man Walking Backwards (uncredited)
  Kathy Hart as   Vice Principal
  Mara Hobel as   Woman with Hands over Ears
  Robert Bailey Jr as   Jared
  Lyman Chen as   Passenger #3
  Bill Shusta as   Radio Newsman
  Robert Bizik as   Train Passenger (uncredited)
  Leslie Connell as   Train Passenger (uncredited)
  Megan Rose Wieder as   Cafe Guest (uncredited)
  Mary Ellen Driscoll as   Woman Passenger
  Greg Wood as   Passenger at Counter
  Mark Jacobson as   Conductor (uncredited)
  Rick Foster as   Railway Police Officer
  Rich Chew as   Jeep Passenger #2 (as Richard Chew)
  Brian Anthony Wilson as   Arguing Man in Crowd
  Sid Doherty as   Radio News Anchor
  Mark Pricskett as   Diner Local (uncredited)
  Vincent Riviezzo as   Traveler (uncredited)
  Joseph Villani as   Student (uncredited)
  Armand Schultz as   Talk Show Host
  Kirk Penberthy as   Radio Announcer
  Robert Fazio as   Young Businessman (uncredited)
  Curtis McClarin as   Construction Crew Member
  Adam Danoff as   Jogger in Philadelphia (uncredited)
  Alexander Emmert as   Man in Park (uncredited)
  Ruben Fischman as   Businessman on Train (uncredited)
  Nicholas Alexander Martino as   Student with Skateboard (uncredited)
  Alicia Taylor as   U.S. Reporter
  Alex Van Kooy as   Boy in Class
  Michael Biscardi as   Jogger in the Park (uncredited)
  Kurt Runkle as   Urban Refugee (uncredited)
  Adam Schoon as   Mr. Jones (uncredited)
  Scott Yannick as   Park Bench Newspaper Reader (uncredited)
  M Night Shyamalan as   Joey (voice)
  Cornell Womack as   Construction Foreman
  Bill Chemerka as   Taxi Driver - Sal
  Thomas M Hagen as   Nervous Traveler (uncredited)
  Charles Pendelton as   Restroom Patron (uncredited)
  Samantha Steffen as   Schoolgirl (uncredited)
  Dan Van Wert as   Police Officer (uncredited)
  Jeremy Strong as   Pvt. Auster - MP
  Ashley Brimfield as   Woman in Group
  Ken Myers as   Businessman (uncredited)
  Kimberly Villanova as   Passenger (uncredited)
  Kristen Connolly as   Woman Reading on Bench with Hair Pin
  Sam Rocco as   Passenger (uncredited)
  Spencer Breslin as   Josh
  Stephen Singer as   Dr. Ross
  Marc H Glick as   P.A. System Conductor
  Michael Quinlan as   Passenger #2
  Jennifer Butler as   Screaming Mother (uncredited)
  Mauricio Ovalle as   Construction Crew (uncredited)
  Shayna Levine as   Teenage Girl in Jeep
  Cyrille Thouvenin as   French Bicyclist's Friend
  Sophie Burke as   Student Named Laura
  Peter Appel as   Diner Owner
  Lee Burkett as   Urban Refugee (uncredited)
  Chelsea Connell as   High School Student (uncredited)
  Michael Den Dekker as   Construction Worker (uncredited)
  Christian Dorsey as   Traveler (uncredited)
  Richard Graves as   College Student (uncredited)
  Alan Ruck as   Principal
  Alison Folland as   Claire - Woman Reading on Bench with Hair Pin
  Jann Ellis as   Older Woman with Dog
  Megan Mazaika as   Jeep Passenger #1
  Stosh Zona as   Train Passenger (uncredited)
  Allie Habberstad as   Truck Passenger Girl
  John Leguizamo as   Julian
  Steven J Klaszky as   Train Conductor #2 (uncredited)
  Michael J Kraycik as   Businessman (uncredited)
  St E9 phane Debac as   French Bicyclist
  Chris Bowyer as   Traveler (uncredited)
  Kerry O'Malley as   Woman on Cell Phone
  Eoin O'Shea as   Passenger #1
  Brian O'Halloran as   Jeep Driver (as Brian C. O'Halloran)

Cast and Crew

Elliot Moore
Alma Moore
Mrs. Jones
Nursery Owner
Pvt. Auster - MP
Nursery Owner's Wife
Joey (voice)
Claire - Woman Reading on Bench with Hair Pin
Woman Reading on Bench with Hair Pin
Construction Foreman
Construction Crew Member
Train Conductor
Woman on Cell Phone
Teenage Girl in Jeep
French Bicyclist
French Bicyclist's Friend
Medical Correspondent
U.S. Reporter
Prof. Kendall Wallace
Talk Show Host
Dr. Ross
Student Named Laura
Boy in Class
Student Named Dylan
Vice Principal
Teacher in Auditorium (as Lisa Gunn)
Railway Police Officer
P.A. System Conductor
Philadelphia Police Officer
Taxi Driver - Sal
Older Woman with Dog
Woman Passenger
Passenger at Counter
Diner Owner
Passenger #1
Passenger #2
Passenger #3
Jeep Driver (as Brian C. O'Halloran)
Jeep Passenger #1
Jeep Passenger #2 (as Richard Chew)
Man in Crowd at Crossroads (as Keith E. Bullard)
Woman in Group
Woman with Hands over Ears
Farmhouse Voice (voice) (as James 'Jimbo' Breen)
Mangled Construction Worker
Arguing Man in Crowd
Zoo Employee (as Greg Smith Aldridge)
Local News Anchor
Network News Anchor
Radio News Anchor
Radio Voice (voice)
Radio Caller Fay
Young Woman Voice on Phone (voice)
Radio Newsman
Radio Announcer
Truck Passenger Boy
Truck Passenger Girl
Dog Walker (uncredited)
Jogger in the Park (uncredited)
Train Passenger (uncredited)
Traveler (uncredited)
Urban Refugee (uncredited)
Screaming Mother (uncredited)
High School Student (uncredited)
Train Passenger (uncredited)
Jogger in Philadelphia (uncredited)
Construction Worker (uncredited)
Traveler (uncredited)
Girl in Rural Group 2 (uncredited)
Man in Park (uncredited)
Young Businessman (uncredited)
Businessman on Train (uncredited)
Train Station Patron (uncredited)
College Student (uncredited)
Nervous Traveler (uncredited)
Conductor (uncredited)
Train Conductor #2 (uncredited)
Businessman (uncredited)
Train Passenger #3 (uncredited)
Tourist (uncredited)
Father in Elliot's Group (uncredited)
Businessman (uncredited)
Student with Skateboard (uncredited)
School Maintainance Man (uncredited)
Businessman (uncredited)
Construction Crew (uncredited)
Restroom Patron (uncredited)
Last Child to Die (uncredited)
Diner Local (uncredited)
Traveler (uncredited)
Passenger (uncredited)
Train Passenger (uncredited)
Urban Refugee (uncredited)
Train Passenger (uncredited)
Train Passenger (uncredited)
Businessman (uncredited)
Mr. Jones (uncredited)
Business Man (uncredited)
Schoolgirl (uncredited)
Train Conductor #3 (uncredited)
Young Man Walking Backwards (uncredited)
Jogger in the Park (uncredited)
Police Officer (uncredited)
Student (uncredited)
Student (uncredited)
Passenger (uncredited)
Cafe Guest (uncredited)
Business Traveler (uncredited)
Train Passenger (uncredited)
Park Bench Newspaper Reader (uncredited)
Train Passenger (uncredited)
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