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My Name is Khan

Three Star (Rated by 0 visitors)
Genre : Drama | Romance | Thriller
language : Hindi Movie Hindi
Printed Format : Colour
Release Year : 2010
Release Info : 12 Feb 2010
Aspect Ratios : 2.35:1
My Name is Khan
Hindi Movie  2010
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About My Name is Khan

My Name Is Khan commonly referred to as MNIK,[5] is a 2010 Indian Hindi drama film directed by Karan Johar, with a screenplay by Shibani Bathija, produced by Hiroo Yash Johar and Gauri Khan, and starring Shahrukh Khan and Kajol, The film was jointly produced by Dharma Productions and Red Chillies Entertainment and was distributed by FOX Star Entertainment, which had bought the rights for the film for a sum of INR100 crore (US$22 million), making it the most expensive Bollywood film of 2010. It is also the highest buyover for any Indian film, surpassing Ghajini's record of INR90 crore (US$19.8 million).

Before its release, the film generated a great deal of publicity for itself due to three main reasons: first, the multiple political controversies surrounding the film and its lead actor; second, Khan's presence in the film (he was last seen in a leading actor role in December 2008, when Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi was released); and third, the re-unision of the "golden pair" of Khan and Kajol, who last appeared together in the film Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham in 2001. My Name is Khan debuted in Abu Dhabi, UAE, on 10 February 2010. It premiered globally in cinemas on 12 February 2010. It was also screened as part of the 60th Berlin International Film Festival's official selection the same month.

Upon its release, the film broke many box office records. My Name is Khan was the highest-grossing Bollywood film overseas at the time, which was then overtaken by 3 Idiots. Within four weeks, the film crossed the INR70 crore (US$15.4 million) mark in India and became the first film of 2010 to do so. In the overseas markets, the film grossed INR110.34 crore (US$24.27 million). My Name is Khan is currently the sixth highest grossing Bollywood film with a worldwide gross of 200 crores. The film was released in India on DVD on 28 April 2010. Blu-ray in India, plus a DVD release worldwide followed on 10 August 2010.
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Five Stars

Two Stars
Jimmy Shergill
Jimmy Shergill
Zakir Khan (uncredited)

Three Stars
Vinay Pathak
Vinay Pathak
Motel Owner (uncredited)

Three Stars
Arif Zakaria
Arif Zakaria
Faisal Rahman

Three Stars
Tanay Chheda
Tanay Chheda
Young Rizwan Khan

Three Stars
Montgomery Paulsen
Montgomery Paulsen
Autistic Patient


Other Artists

  Liz Anderson as   Salon Receptionist (uncredited)
  Nicolas Pajon as   French Reporter
  Jeff Redlick as   Police Officer at State Capitol (uncredited)
  Catherine Kim Poon as   Salon Patron (uncredited)
  Mel Fair as   Doctor #2
  Mick Lea as   Biker (uncredited)
  Benny Nieves as   Detective Garcia
  Sugandha Garg
  Natasha Marc as   Hooker
  Duane Ram as   Secret Service Agent (uncredited)
  Pallavi Sharda as   Sajida Khan
  Isa Magomedov as   California Cop (uncredited)
  Ethynn Tanner Cerney as   Locker Room Bully
  Steffany Huckaby as   Kathy Baker
  Kristen Marie Holly as   Karma Girl
  Brian Sampson as   Presidential Aid (uncredited)
  Ali Salaam as   Secret Service Agent
  Kenyon Page as   Protester (uncredited)
  Nancy Duerr as   TV News Anchor (uncredited)
  Joseph Zinsman as   Reporter (credit only)
  Pamela Broyles as   Khan Supporter (uncredited)
  Carol Shook as   Bush Supporter at College (uncredited)
  Zachary Culbertson as   Obama Supporter (uncredited)
  David Alan Hodges as   Museum Witness #1 (as David Hodges)
  Michael Patrick Breen as   Supporter (uncredited)
  Courtney Gebhart as   Doctor #1 (uncredited)
  Carl Marino as   Officer Vaughn
  Kevin Jessup as   Man in Crowd Yelling 'Terrorist' (uncredited)
  Alyssa Petersen as   Schoolgirl (uncredited)
  Fred Fein as   Secret Service Agent (uncredited)
  Christopher Villar as   Businessman (uncredited)
  Theresa Marie Lynch as   Homeless Woman 1 (uncredited)
  Jacqueline Buda as   College Student (uncredited)
  Julie McKinnon as   Reporter (uncredited)
  Tom Portanova as   Media personel (uncredited)
  Harmony Blossom as   Karma Girl
  Mike Howard as   Father
  Christopher Damm as   College Student (uncredited)
  Jeffrey T Ferguson as   Secret Service Agent (uncredited)
  Jesse Muick as   Islamic Supporter (uncredited)
  Sumeet Raghvan as   Attacker (uncredited)
  Kenton Duty as   Reese Garick (uncredited)
  Thomas W Stewart as   Press Cameraman (uncredited)
  Daniel Lee as   Roger the homeless man
  Patrick J Crabb as   Museum Witness #2
  Raul Bustamante as   Surprised Student (uncredited)
  Teresa Guewell as   Sports Fan (uncredited)
  Retson Ross as   Locker Room Bully
  Frederick Keith Johnson as   Parent (uncredited)
  Krystal MacKnight as   Khan Supporter at Hospital (uncredited)
  Sienna Sky as   Media Personnel (uncredited)
  Bennie Bell as   Business Man (uncredited)
  Goldie Chan as   Asian Salon Stylist (uncredited)
  Timothy Hinson as   Biker (uncredited)
  Jenne Kang as   Korean News Reporter (uncredited)
  Mackenzie Firgens as   Pimple Girl (uncredited)
  Paul Meyer as   Store Customer (uncredited)
  Mike Stahl as   Officer (uncredited)
  Christopher Sugarman as   Male Salon Patron (uncredited)
  Kevin Oestenstad as   Officer John Marshall
  Will Johnson as   Police Officer
  Brett Glazer as   Dwayne
  Rachael Ferris as   Nurse / Khan Supporter (uncredited)
  Stuart G Murphy as   Secret Service Agent (uncredited)
  Len Anderson IV as   Airport Officer #1
  Reed Rudy as   A.D.A Jones
  Dominic Renda as   Mark Garrick
  Jim Gaines as   Biker (uncredited)
  Kari Wishingrad as   Party Guest / Funeral Guest (uncredited)
  Michael William Arnold as   Young Reese at 6
  Jeremy Kilpatrick as   Jimmy
  Jennifer Linkous as   Airline Ticket Agent (uncredited)
  Dominic Flores as   Airport Officer (uncredited)
  Awele Makeba as   Office Worker at Receptionist's Desk (uncredited)
  George Q Nguyen as   Police Officer (uncredited)
  Ajani Perkins as   Man on Cable Car (uncredited)
  Laurence Brown as   Desk Officer #1
  Tara R Cook as   American Reporter (uncredited)
  Basil McCurry as   Protestor (uncredited)
  Ron Provencal as   E.R. Doctor
  Marquis Scott as   Tyler
  Brittany Disston as   Karma Girl
  Bonnie Kolber as   Woman On Bus (uncredited)
  Jeremy Nahmiash as   College Student (uncredited)
  Todd Hedrick as   Secret Service Agent (uncredited)
  Janis Jones as   Desert Bus Tourist (uncredited)
  Tracy Weisert as   School Teacher
  Monique Soltani as   Karma Girl (uncredited)
  Cabran E Chamberlain as   Boom Operator (uncredited)
  John Clerkin as   Khan Supporter at Hospital (uncredited)
  Allen Pontes as   Police Officer (uncredited)
  Diana M Kim as   Media Personnel (uncredited)
  Victor M Slone as   Sheriff of Van Transport
  Adrian Kali Turner as   Joel
  Mark S Porro as   D. A. Black
  David Pearl as   Traveller (uncredited)
  Don Abernathy as   Parent (uncredited)
  Danny Wilson as   Parent with Twins in Crowd (uncredited)
  David Dustin Kenyon as   Reporter (uncredited)
  Kathleen M Darcy as   Museum Instructor (as Kathleen Darcy)
  Steve C Porter as   Museum patron (uncredited)
  Willoughby Charles Jenett as   Young man at Motel
  Christopher B Duncan as   Barack Obama
  Jennifer Echols as   Mama Jenny
  Shane Harper as   Tim

Cast and Crew

Rizwan Khan
Barack Obama
Karma Girl
Mama Jenny
Kathy Baker
Officer Vaughn
Museum Instructor (as Kathleen Darcy)
Young Rizwan Khan
Doctor #2
Young Reese at 6
Sajida Khan
Locker Room Bully
Detective Garcia
French Reporter
Airport Officer #1
School Teacher
Locker Room Bully
Officer John Marshall
A.D.A Jones
Museum Witness #1 (as David Hodges)
Karma Girl
E.R. Doctor
D. A. Black
Faisal Rahman
Secret Service Agent
Autistic Patient
Reporter (credit only)
Police Officer
Desk Officer #1
Mark Garrick
Roger the homeless man
Museum Witness #2
Karma Girl
Young man at Motel
Sheriff of Van Transport
Parent (uncredited)
Salon Receptionist (uncredited)
Business Man (uncredited)
Supporter (uncredited)
Khan Supporter (uncredited)
College Student (uncredited)
Surprised Student (uncredited)
Boom Operator (uncredited)
Asian Salon Stylist (uncredited)
Khan Supporter at Hospital (uncredited)
American Reporter (uncredited)
Obama Supporter (uncredited)
College Student (uncredited)
TV News Anchor (uncredited)
Reese Garick (uncredited)
Secret Service Agent (uncredited)
Secret Service Agent (uncredited)
Nurse / Khan Supporter (uncredited)
Pimple Girl (uncredited)
Airport Officer (uncredited)
Biker (uncredited)
Doctor #1 (uncredited)
Sports Fan (uncredited)
Secret Service Agent (uncredited)
Biker (uncredited)
Man in Crowd Yelling 'Terrorist' (uncredited)
Parent (uncredited)
Desert Bus Tourist (uncredited)
Korean News Reporter (uncredited)
Reporter (uncredited)
Media Personnel (uncredited)
Woman On Bus (uncredited)
Biker (uncredited)
Airline Ticket Agent (uncredited)
Homeless Woman 1 (uncredited)
Khan Supporter at Hospital (uncredited)
California Cop (uncredited)
Office Worker at Receptionist's Desk (uncredited)
Protestor (uncredited)
Reporter (uncredited)
Store Customer (uncredited)
Islamic Supporter (uncredited)
Secret Service Agent (uncredited)
College Student (uncredited)
Police Officer (uncredited)
Protester (uncredited)
Motel Owner (uncredited)
Traveller (uncredited)
Man on Cable Car (uncredited)
Schoolgirl (uncredited)
Police Officer (uncredited)
Salon Patron (uncredited)
Media personel (uncredited)
Museum patron (uncredited)
Attacker (uncredited)
Secret Service Agent (uncredited)
Police Officer at State Capitol (uncredited)
Presidential Aid (uncredited)
Zakir Khan (uncredited)
Bush Supporter at College (uncredited)
Media Personnel (uncredited)
Karma Girl (uncredited)
Officer (uncredited)
Press Cameraman (uncredited)
Male Salon Patron (uncredited)
Businessman (uncredited)
Parent with Twins in Crowd (uncredited)
Party Guest / Funeral Guest (uncredited)
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