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Mumbai Meri Jaan

Three Star (Rated by 0 visitors)
Genre : Drama
language : Hindi Movie Hindi
Printed Format : Colour
Release Year : 2008
Release Info : 22 Aug 2008
Mumbai Meri Jaan
Hindi Movie  2008
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About Mumbai Meri Jaan

Mumbai Meri Jaan is a 2008 Hindi film directed by Nishikant Kamat and produced by Ronnie Screwvala. It stars R. Madhavan, Soha Ali Khan, Irrfan Khan, Paresh Rawal and Kay Kay Menon. It deals with the aftermath of the 11 July 2006 Mumbai train bombings, where 209 people lost their lives and over 700 were injured. It won multiple Filmfare Awards.

Mumbai Meri Jaan tells the story of five different people whose lives are affected by the 2006 Mumbai train bombings. Rupali Joshi (Soha Ali Khan) is a successful reporter who is getting married in two months. Nikhil Agrawal (R. Madhavan) is an environmentally conscious executive who rides the train to work every day and is expecting his first child. Suresh (Kay Kay Menon) is a struggling computer tech who spends his time loafing at a local cafe and criticizing Muslims. Meanwhile, Sunil Kadam (Vijay Maurya), struggles with the corruption and inefficiency of the Mumbai police force and his boss, Tukaram Patil (Paresh Rawal), who is nearing retirement.

On 11 July Nikhil and Suresh are in the second class compartment of a train when a bomb goes off in the first class compartment. The two survive, but Nikhil is too afraid to take the train again and is diagnosed with acute stress disorder. Suresh becomes obsessed with punishing the city's Muslims and is only stopped from antagonising them by Kadam and Patil on patrol. Kadam and Patil abuse a street vendor named Thomas (Irfan Khan) who begins calling in fake bomb scares at malls to relieve his feelings. After an elderly man suffers a heart attack while the police are evacuating one mall, Thomas feels guilty and decides to stop. Rupali, who rushed to the scene of the bombings to cover the story, is devastated when she discovers that her fiancé died in the blasts. Her grief is augmented when her news channel she works for tries to exploit her story for ratings. Meanwhile, Suresh pursues a Muslim that he suspects of being a terrorist. However, after Patil stops him and lectures him on communal harmony, he befriends the Muslim man.

After Nikhil's wife goes into labour he is forced to take the train to get to the hospital. Mumbai stops for two minutes while the city observes a moment of silence in tribute to those killed in the bombings as Patil finally retires from the police force and Kadam forgives him for his corrupt actions. Nikhil overcomes his fear of trains and Thomas gives a rose to the elderly man whose heart attack he caused.
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Four Stars
Paresh Rawal
Paresh Rawal
Tukaram Patil

Three Stars
Sandeep Varadkar
Sandeep Varadkar
TV Cameraman outside Showroom

Three Stars
Irrfan Khan
Irrfan Khan
Thomas (as Irrfan)

Three Stars
Radhika Sharma
Radhika Sharma
TV Reporter outside Showroom

Three Stars
Sanjay Tripathi
Sanjay Tripathi
Banana Vendor

Three Stars
Smita Jaykar
Smita Jaykar
Sejal's Mother

Three Stars
Soha Ali Khan
Soha Ali Khan
Rupali Joshi

Three Stars
Shri Vallabh Vyas
Shri Vallabh Vyas
Drug Addict Girl's Father (as Shrivallabh Vyas)

Three Stars
Anand Tiwari
Anand Tiwari
Drug Addict Boy

Three Stars

Three Stars
Suhas Bhalekar
Suhas Bhalekar
Suresh's Father


Other Artists

  Ramdas Jadhav as   Constable Sawant
  Meenal Karpe as   Anusha's Mother
  Vijay Gupta as   Man in Slum
  Rajendra Shisatkar as   Constable Shinde
  Dinesh Lamba as   Scooter Owner
  Kamlesh Sawant as   Police Station In-Charge
  Deepak Shroff as   Sejal's Father
  Smita Hai as   Dr. Sheela
  Vijay Maurya as   Sunil Kadam
  Mahesh Subhedar as   Police Inspector
  Upendra Joshi as   Old Man at the Mall
  Anand Garodia as   Ashish
  Karan Trivedi as   Rich Boy in Car
  Divya Jagdale as   Thomas's Wife
  Sameer Dharmadhikari as   Ajay Pradhan
  Ajit Bhagat as   Moneylender
  Ashwini Apte as   Ashish's Wife
  Narayani Shastri as   Shweta
  Harshada Rege as   Victim Girl in TV
  Rajpal as   Bar Owner
  Deepak Dharwal as   Ajay's Father (as Deepak Dhadwal)
  Bachan Pachehra as   Bread Vendor on Bicycle (as Bachan Pachehara)
  Nishikant Kamat as   Vinod
  Manoj Jadhav as   Shopkeeper
  Swapnil Khot as   Tukaram Patil's Son
  Akash Dhopeshwarkar as   TV Cameraman
  Kavin Dave as   Zandu
  Devendra Mishra as   Man in Train (as Deva)
  Rio Kapadia as   Rensil
  Promod Ghosh as   Perfume Shop Manager (as Pramod Ghosh)
  Smita Sarvade as   Old Man's Daughter
  Dinkar Gavande as   Constable Bhoite (as Dinkar Gawande)
  Vinod Khandagale as   Young Man with Bike
  Akshay as   Yusuf's Friend 3
  Punarvasu as   Nasir
  Sunita Shirole as   Yusuf's Mother
  Ayesha Raza as   Sejal Agarwal
  Kadambari Ravi as   Drug Addict Girl
  Paras Jethva as   Courier Boy
  Vishwas Sohoni as   Kadam's Neighbour
  Saksham Dayma as   Yusuf
  Gaurav Dhir as   Newsreader 1
  Praveena Deshpande as   Rupali Joshi's Mother
  Harry Shah as   Bakul Patel
  Girish Mahajan as   Old Man's Son-in-Law
  Anisha Prakash as   Anandita
  Jeetendra Rai as   Yusuf's Friend 2
  Akshay Thakkar as   Injured Man at Blast Site
  Rahul Pethe as   Rohan Joshi
  Deepjyoti Das as   Perfume Shop Salesman
  Upendra Sidhaye as   Mall Receptionist
  Aakash as   Yusuf's Friend 1
  Alladdin as   Feroz's Boss (as Allauddin)
  Indumati Wairkar as   Tukaram Patil's Mother
  Prinal Oberoi as   Anusha
  Aadam Sheikh as   Shankar
  Varnita Agwale as   Thomas's Daughter
  Tejas D Parvatkar as   Man with Swastika T-shirt (as Tejas Parvatkar)
  Megha Joshi as   Newsreader 2
  Sonal Khale as   Newsreader 3
  Rakesh Vidua as   Feroz
  Mitali Rajadhyaksha as   Young Girl 1
  Vinit Sharma as   News Anchor - Rupali Bani Rudali
  Mukesh Banekar as   Young Boy at Suresh's Home
  Dipti Jaitpal as   Young Man's Girlfriend
  Mihir Manek as   Boy helping the Old Man
  Syed Rizwan Ahmed as   Tea Shop Owner
  Vasanthi Kuppuswamy as   Priya
  Bhuvnesh Shetty as   Shekhar
  Sameer Bapat as   Sameer
  Yashashri Upasani as   Reporter in TV
  Rajkumar Ravidas as   Taxi Driver outside Nikhil's Office
  Sameer Chowgule as   Inquisitive Man
  Rajashree Manohar as   Tukaram Patil's Wife
  Sachin Pathak as   Guddu
  Rajesh Bhosle as   Manya
  Mahesh Sawant as   Police Constable
  Vibhawari Deshpande as   Archana S. Kadam
  Ajay Rai as   Man in Car outside Bar
  Santosh Juvekar as   Ashok
  Madhavan as   Nikhil Agarwal (as R. Madhavan)
  Vineet Sharma as   Reporter

Cast and Crew

Tukaram Patil
Thomas (as Irrfan)
Nikhil Agarwal (as R. Madhavan)
Rupali Joshi
Tea Shop Owner
Yusuf's Friend 1
Yusuf's Friend 2
Ajay Pradhan
Newsreader 1
Sunil Kadam
Constable Sawant
Constable Shinde
Constable Bhoite (as Dinkar Gawande)
Rich Boy in Car
Banana Vendor
Young Girl 1
Bakul Patel
Kadam's Neighbour
Sejal Agarwal
Injured Man at Blast Site
Sejal's Mother
Sejal's Father
Man in Car outside Bar
Bar Owner
Ajay's Father (as Deepak Dhadwal)
Rohan Joshi
TV Cameraman
Bread Vendor on Bicycle (as Bachan Pachehara)
Ashish's Wife
Man in Slum
Yusuf's Mother
Drug Addict Boy
Drug Addict Girl
Police Station In-Charge
Drug Addict Girl's Father (as Shrivallabh Vyas)
Thomas's Wife
Thomas's Daughter
Perfume Shop Salesman
Perfume Shop Manager (as Pramod Ghosh)
Courier Boy
Inquisitive Man
Tukaram Patil's Mother
Tukaram Patil's Wife
Tukaram Patil's Son
Man with Swastika T-shirt (as Tejas Parvatkar)
Yusuf's Friend 3
Young Man with Bike
Young Man's Girlfriend
Scooter Owner
Police Constable
Anusha's Mother
Newsreader 2
Rupali Joshi's Mother
Dr. Sheela
Mall Receptionist
Old Man at the Mall
Old Man's Daughter
Boy helping the Old Man
Newsreader 3
Police Inspector
Young Boy at Suresh's Home
Suresh's Father
Old Man's Son-in-Law
News Anchor - Rupali Bani Rudali
Feroz's Boss (as Allauddin)
Taxi Driver outside Nikhil's Office
Man in Train (as Deva)
Victim Girl in TV
Reporter in TV
TV Cameraman outside Showroom
TV Reporter outside Showroom
Archana S. Kadam
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