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Karthik Calling Karthik

Three Star (Rated by 0 visitors)
Genre : Comedy | Drama | Romance | Thriller
language : Hindi Movie Hindi
Printed Format : Colour
Release Year : 2010
Release Info : 26 Feb 2010
Karthik Calling Karthik
Hindi Movie  2010
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About Karthik Calling Karthik

Karthik Calling Karthik is a 2010 Indian psychological thriller film, written and directed by Vijay Lalwani and produced by Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani under the banner of Excel Entertainment. The film stars Farhan Akhtar and Deepika Padukone in lead roles. Ram Kapoor and Shefali Shah play supporting roles in the film. The film's music was composed by the trio of Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, while the background score was composed by MIDIval Punditz and Karsh Kale.

Karthik (Farhan Akhtar) is an introvert who lacks confidence and feels trapped in his average job at a construction company. He is continuously troubled by an incident from his childhood: His older brother, Kumar, used to torture him, but whenever he complained to his parents, they did not believe him. One day, Kumar took Karthik to a well and tried to throw him in it, but Karthik escaped. Kumar accidentally fell inside the well and died. Karthik has thought himself responsible for his brother's death ever since.

Shonali Mukherjee (Deepika Padukone) is a co-worker at Karthik's company, whom Karthik is secretly in love with, though she remains unaware of his existence, much less his feelings. After being derided by his boss yet again, Karthik figures his life can’t get any better and decides to commit suicide. Just as he is about to, a stranger with the same, exact voice as him calls and says that he is also Karthik, convincing him that he has the ability to change his life. These phone calls become Karthik's life guide. His chats take place every morning at 5:00 a.m. and the caller provides advice on Karthik's problems, guiding him to become a successful man, win Shonali's heart, and bring color to his otherwise dreary life.

However, when Karthik tells Shonali and his psychiatrist about the phone calls, despite being warned not to, the mysterious caller gets angry and tells Karthik that if he could bring him up, he could also throw him down. As per his word, things start going downhill. Karthik's boss throws him out and Shonali leaves him. Karthik decides that if he goes somewhere he does not know, then the caller wouldn't know where he is either and stop calling him. Karthik travels to an unknown place, takes shelter in a small hotel, and asks the receptionist to remove the telephone and room number plate.

After a few months, Karthik is comfortably living in a small town with a decent job. His life is back to normal except for the fact that he refuses to have a phone line. Upon his boss's request, he is forced to purchase a landline. He goes to great lengths to ensure that he himself is unaware of the phone number. However, one day at exactly 5 a.m, he receives a call from the mysterious caller, who threatens to kill him. Meanwhile, Shonali is contacted by Dr. Kapadia, who reveals the twist: Karthik is actually schizophrenic. He has an alter-ego that is more assertive and advises him on how to live life. All this time, the strange caller was Karthik himself. He has been dealing with this condition from a young age, when he created a fake brother named Kumar. Karthik's phone has the capacity to record messages and act as a playback feature at a certain time. Karthik would wake up in the middle of the night, leave himself messages as his alter ego, and return to sleep, where he would awake once again at 5am to take his own calls.

Eventually, Karthik becomes so disturbed that he attempts to commit suicide again. Shonali, realizing the truth, arrives at the right time to save him. They reconcile and she stands by him, helping him with his condition. After a few months, Karthik is in the process of dealing with his schizophrenia and lives a happy and rehabilitated life with Shonali by his side.
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Three Stars
Shefali Shetty
Shefali Shetty
Dr. Shweta Kapadia

Three Stars
Karthik's mother

Three Stars
Brijendra Kala
Brijendra Kala
Telephone exchange clerk


Other Artists

  Taraana Raja
  Haansaa as   Secretary at ACL Office
  Arshad Sheikhlal Pathan
  Kanchan Pagare as   Peon at ACL Office
  Deepak Ramachandra
  Jagdish Kansara
  Abhay Joshi as   Phone salesman Mumbai
  Zafar as   Karthik's father
  Uma Rane
  Khyati Kanchan
  Vijay Badlani
  Akshat Trivedi
  Vinay Jain
  Salim Patni
  Vinod Goswami as   Milkman
  Swapnel Desai as   Young Kumar
  Tikaram Dhakal
  Vidyadhar Karmakar
  Siddhartha Gupta as   Young Karthik

Cast and Crew

Dr. Shweta Kapadia
Young Karthik
Young Kumar
Peon at ACL Office
Secretary at ACL Office
Phone salesman Mumbai
Karthik's mother
Karthik's father
Telephone exchange clerk
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