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Three Star (Rated by 0 visitors)
Genre : Action | Comedy | Crime | Drama | Thriller
language : Hindi Movie Hindi
Printed Format : Colour
Release Year : 2009
Release Info : 14 Aug 2009
Hindi Movie  2009
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About Kaminey

Kaminey is a 2009 Bollywood caper thriller film directed by Vishal Bhardwaj featuring Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra in the lead roles, and Amol Gupte in his debut film appearance. Bhardwaj co-authored the screenplay to a script he bought for $4000 from a Kenyan writer named Cajetan Boy whom he had mentored at a script writing workshop in Uganda. The film was produced by Ronnie Screwvala of UTV Motion Pictures.

A sequel to the film was announced in 2011.

Guddu and Charlie (Shahid Kapoor in a double role) are identical twins who have grown up in the streets of Mumbai. Both brothers have a speech impediment – Charlie has a lisp, while Guddu stutters in his speech.

The film begins in medias res with a voice over narration by Charlie, who describes how he and his brother could never meet eye to eye, and Charlie's belief in taking shortcuts to fulfill his dream – to become a bookie at a horse racing course, where he currently works for three Bengali goon brothers in fixing races. He is especially close with the youngest of the three brothers, Mikhail (Chandan Roy Sanyal), whom he considers to be even closer than his own biological brother. Charlie however, gets done in his quest to hit the big time when he bets Rs. 100,000 on a horse during a fixed race, only to be double-crossed by the jockey, losing all his savings in the process. He hunts down the jockey to an upscale hotel in the city and is craving to get his revenge. He refuses to heed his boss' orders to leave the hotel after delivering information of the jockey's whereabouts, and instead goes after the jockey himself.

In a different room at the same hotel, two corrupt cop brothers – Lobo and Lele – kill three drug dealers and collect a guitar case containing Rs. 10 Crore worth of cocaine, to be delivered to drug lord Tashi (Tenzing Nima). Charlie and his aide invade the jockey's hotel room, and start seizing his belongings and beating him up to make up for Charlie's lost money when the jockey's aide returns to hand him a gun, which sparks a gunfight and foot-chase that lasts all the way to the parking lot, where the two cops are now placing a guitar case in their van. Charlie and both of his aides seize the van in order to escape from the jockey's men, and soon realize that they have stolen a police vehicle. Charlie drives it to a remote location where he discovers the guitar case contains cocaine. Thinking of this as the shortcut that will lead to his dreams, he steals the guitar case, after an initial hesitation. The cops track down the van but discover that the guitar case is missing so they try to track Charlie's down.
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Three Stars
Shahid Kapoor
Shahid Kapoor
Sanjay 'Guddu' Kumar Sharma / Charlie Kumar Sharma (as Shahid Kapoor)

Four Stars
Om Prakash
Om Prakash

Three Stars
Priyanka Chopra
Priyanka Chopra
Sweety Shekhar Bhope

Three Stars
Twins at Night Club

Three Stars
Twins at Night Club

Three Stars
Marfatia's Henchman #3

Three Stars
Young Sanjay 'Guddu' Kumar Sharma

Three Stars
Marfatia's Henchman #2

Three Stars
Police Inspector at Petrol Pump

Three Stars
Adil Hussain
Adil Hussain
Flight Purser

Three Stars
Sweety's Friend #9

Three Stars
Chandan Roy Sanyal
Chandan Roy Sanyal
Mikhail (as Chandan Roysanyal)


Other Artists

  Mukesh Chhabra as   Guddu's Friend #1
  Jay Aditya Giri as   Guddu's Friend #9
  Pavitra Sarkar as   Tashi's Henchman #1
  Hrishikesh Joshi as   Lele
  Omkar Govardhan as   Kranti
  Aakash Dahiya as   Guddu's Friend #4
  Azaan Shah as   Tano (as Azaan R. Shah)
  Lalit Kumar as   Tashi's Henchman #3
  Dheerendra Dwivedi as   Guddu's Friend #5
  Vijay Raj as   Kishen
  Sanjay Vichare as   Bhope's Henchman #7
  Eenesh Chavan as   Chocolate Boy
  Anuja as   Sweety's Friend #10
  Carlos Paca as   Cajetan
  Shivkumar Subramaniam as   Anit-Narcotics Officer Lobo (as Shiv Subrahmanyam)
  Chandrakant Taneja as   Kishen's Boss
  Bittu as   Bhope's Henchman #4
  Indivar Bhatia as   Arms Dealer
  Amole Gupte as   Sunil Shekhar Bhope
  Abhay Kulkarni as   Police Inspector at Crime Scene
  Harish Khanna as   Afghani
  Sandesh Jadhav as   Prateek
  Shantanu Vaidya as   Guddu's Friend #8
  Satyajeet Sharma as   Francis
  Ambrish as   Guddu's Friend #10
  Nawab Khan as   Marfatia's Henchman #1
  Deepak Damle as   Bhope's Henchman #3
  Suhas Sirsat as   Bhope's Henchman #6
  Richashree as   Sweety's Friend #7 (as Richa Shree)
  William Collings as   The dancing man
  Welkett as   (uncredited)
  Vidula Javalgekar as   Kaki
  Ashok Kulkarni as   Bhope's Henchman #5
  Tanish Solanki as   Tashi's Henchman #2
  Rajatva Datta as   Shumon (as Rajatva Dutta)
  Shashank Shende as   Ganesh
  Punita Grover as   TV Anchor
  Vishwanath Chaterjee as   Guddu's Friend #2
  Deb Mukherjee as   Mujeeb
  Ritika as   Sweety's Friend #8
  Amit Kalyankar as   Guddu's Friend #6
  Ashlesha Tavhare as   Housekeeping Lady
  Tenzing Nima as   Tashi
  Ravi More as   Bhope's Henchman #8
  Vishwas Sohoni as   Bhope's Henchman #1
  Ritika Handa as   Sweety's Friend #6
  Flavia as   Charlie's Dream Girl
  Nandkishore Pant as   NGO Worker
  Anjali as   Sunil's Maushi
  Vishal Bhosle as   Steve
  Geetanjali Chaterjee as   Sweety's Friend #5
  Deep Kulkarni as   TV Cameraman
  Ishandeep Singh as   Guddu's Friend #7
  Nachiket Purnapatre as   Bhope's Henchman #2
  Feroza Khan as   Sweety's Friend #4
  Neha Shitoley as   Sweety's Friend #3
  Aarti Kelkar as   Sweety's Friend #1
  Ejaz Khan as   Bhope's Secretary
  Samrat as   Young. Charlie Kumar Sharma
  Eric Santos as   Ragos
  Bugs Bhargava as   Marfatia
  Vinod Rai as   Guddu's Friend #3
  Jayant Gadekar as   Police Constable
  Puhja Verma as   Sweety's Friend #2
  Farhad Ahmed Dehlvi as   Police Surveillance Technician
  Suresh Sharma as   Ticket Checker
  Patrícia Bull as   Vivian

Cast and Crew

Sanjay 'Guddu' Kumar Sharma / Charlie Kumar Sharma (as Shahid Kapoor)
Sweety Shekhar Bhope
Anit-Narcotics Officer Lobo (as Shiv Subrahmanyam)
Mikhail (as Chandan Roysanyal)
Shumon (as Rajatva Dutta)
Sunil Shekhar Bhope
Young Sanjay 'Guddu' Kumar Sharma
Young. Charlie Kumar Sharma
Charlie's Dream Girl
Arms Dealer
Twins at Night Club
Twins at Night Club
Marfatia's Henchman #1
Guddu's Friend #1
Guddu's Friend #2
Guddu's Friend #3
Guddu's Friend #4
Guddu's Friend #5
NGO Worker
Sweety's Friend #2
Sweety's Friend #3
Sweety's Friend #4
Sweety's Friend #5
Sweety's Friend #1
Chocolate Boy
Bhope's Henchman #1
Bhope's Henchman #2
Bhope's Henchman #3
Guddu's Friend #6
Guddu's Friend #7
Guddu's Friend #8
Guddu's Friend #9
Guddu's Friend #10
Sweety's Friend #6
Sweety's Friend #7 (as Richa Shree)
Sweety's Friend #8
Sweety's Friend #9
Sweety's Friend #10
Housekeeping Lady
Flight Purser
Marfatia's Henchman #2
Marfatia's Henchman #3
Tano (as Azaan R. Shah)
TV Anchor
TV Cameraman
Bhope's Secretary
Bhope's Henchman #4
Police Inspector at Crime Scene
Police Inspector at Petrol Pump
Police Constable
Ticket Checker
Sunil's Maushi
Kishen's Boss
Tashi's Henchman #1
Police Surveillance Technician
Bhope's Henchman #5
Bhope's Henchman #6
Bhope's Henchman #7
Bhope's Henchman #8
Tashi's Henchman #2
Tashi's Henchman #3
The dancing man
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